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Ages later

2011-08-21 09:18:06 by lastingfun

Hello everyone - I havent been on newgrounds in ages. I havent done anything in flash, dont even have it on my new computer yet. But lifes been good which has resulted in a burst of inspiration and creativity. I've mainley been practicing my art since I plan on doing art and film in collage :). I might consider getting flash and making a new game, olny problem is the coding which I suck at and I havent ever done real animation.
I wright alot of stories though so i'm covered in the game story department XD.

Anyways just thought i'd update all of you. Have a nice day!.


2010-10-01 20:02:13 by lastingfun

This is some art work i made for a game that poped up into my mind, i would like it too be my debut game if i come back anytime soon. I would say this would be one of the worlds maps screens, let me know how i'm improving!


i guess

2010-09-26 16:14:39 by lastingfun

dam i dont check this much but hey i guess it's time i say stuff!
I'm a highchool student now, i got a pen tablet so really all thats stoping me from making flash stuff like a new website and games (i do have good ideas) is getting a new computer and flash. I'm really enjoying HS, i do have a class for programing too, not game programming but still :P


2010-05-15 22:20:44 by lastingfun

jeez, CS5 is better as you would expect then other versons of flash once you get used to it. so before i get it (non trial) i am thinking about getting a new hardrive of laptop, due to the fact that this computers old and the hardrive isent really that good in terms of size, and if your a flash designer once you got the program and everything you need to work with, it can take up alot of space

AS 3

2010-05-09 10:04:13 by lastingfun

i thought i actually got somthing to work in flash... then my code made the debugger crash X_X Actionscript 3 is abit more complicated but you can do way more with it for sure.

where was i?

2010-05-08 19:42:28 by lastingfun

No i never made anything sence i said i was coming back, but eh dont expect anything yet. i'm downloading CS5 right now. school stuff and hobbys do take up abit of time. I should also see about getting my website back up now :)

Peace everyone :D

lovin life, thinking about coming back

2010-03-09 17:27:52 by lastingfun

i got new inspiration, new ideas, i been working on my art so i am thinking about making a come back :)

heres the new logo for this page , big improvement eh?

lovin life, thinking about coming back

over da summer

2009-11-02 19:24:21 by lastingfun

wow it's been AGES, soo how is everyone, i had a pretty good summer. schools started now, and things are calming down. i have no idea when i will get to flash once agean, latley i been working on my youtube videos, i do lets plays on youtube

I been doin soo well there, and i will be comin to new grounds for music that i can use in furture videos :) thats going to be my full time thing as far as stuff on the internet go's. i am waitin to get my dazzle.
i hope everyone had a great halloween

takeing feature request

2009-06-01 17:34:19 by lastingfun

well u gamer will be helping me with LFpod, and he is working on a code that selcts music from the audio portal and allows it to play. even though i am just useing this project just to get back into flash it's becomeing bigger then that. i am now takeing feature request.. baseley if you make music and uplaoded it to newgrounds but it aint that popular just send me a message, and mabie i will feature it on LFpod, so that it will have it's own section on the flash just for the song, i will give info about the song creator etc, so it can make the song more popular, after awhile i will change the featured song (how long it stays depends on how many submissions i get)
[how to submit]
very simple, just send me a PM with the name of the song you want me to feature, i will listen to it and will message you back weather or not it will be featured. thats it.

Hope this helps anyone looking to be more popular... in the meanwhile if i run low on submissions i will just put music i made in there

*EDIT* LFpod may not see the light of NG cause if we dont have much in it then not much of a reasion to release it, we will see how it turns out. in the meanwhile i will start working on my next project

first steps back

2009-05-31 19:59:40 by lastingfun

good news: i made teh first steps for getting back to flash!!! i got flash (cs3) agean, but i wont be working on flash all the time only in free time when i want to do it, and i need to study for exams so wish me luck,
the first thing i will be makeing is most likey going to be LFpod which will be a little ipod flash where you can listen to music and all that stuff, weather or not i release that i dont know. then i will be remakeing/redoing to the extent that you cant realise it's a remake of my first game the code escape.
Thankyou u-gamer for helping me get flash back