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first steps back

2009-05-31 19:59:40 by lastingfun

good news: i made teh first steps for getting back to flash!!! i got flash (cs3) agean, but i wont be working on flash all the time only in free time when i want to do it, and i need to study for exams so wish me luck,
the first thing i will be makeing is most likey going to be LFpod which will be a little ipod flash where you can listen to music and all that stuff, weather or not i release that i dont know. then i will be remakeing/redoing to the extent that you cant realise it's a remake of my first game the code escape.
Thankyou u-gamer for helping me get flash back


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2009-05-31 21:25:43

can i help with LFpod?

lastingfun responds: