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2008-11-05 06:19:43 by lastingfun

THE CODE 1 is ready to be released, it will most likeley be on newgrounds today or tommrow, THE CODE 1 will be like a short intro to a series of games. All that need's to be done is some testing and adding the final content


2008-11-04 17:26:39 by lastingfun

THE CODE is comeing along GREAT and fast so it shouldent take TOO long to finsh .also i am going to make it into a series, the first one is like a intro to the series

first game in dev

2008-11-03 18:47:10 by lastingfun

my first game is in dev, and if it comes out well i will put it on newgrounds. it is called THE CODE (waiting for suggestions for the name). you dont know what is going on all you know is you must solve puzzles and find hints for a code that you can use to escape. before "they" find you


2008-10-29 19:44:14 by lastingfun

i am learning flash, so i will soon be makeing flash games, of course my first flash games wont be very impressive, but they will improve, PS: lastingfun is my website name, my other internet name is thadaran so if you use thadaran for my name i will know who you are talking about