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all work on hold

2009-01-05 20:01:19 by lastingfun

all work on hold, i will be practicing flash in my free time but will not be releasing anything for a while, i will start releasing stuff agean when i am better

Remake for code escape

2008-12-22 13:35:09 by lastingfun

i have been improving in flash so i might make a remake of my first flash game the code escape,

Project core [unconfirmend]

2008-12-14 07:29:01 by lastingfun

Project core is a uncomfirmed 2D shooter,
Project core's story: the year is
The Human
empire and the
earth are both
flourishing ...
but ...
One day, a experment whent wrong ...
and it caused a monster to be woken from the sleep that
lasted thousands of years ... this creature was traped underground
fear it would destroy the world ... but now it has grow
restless and now you must go to the
core of the earth to stop it

simple but cool story. you have to go to the core of the earth and kill it.. whale metting (and killing) lots of strange creatures that dwell beneath the earths surface

ultimate diesease put on hold

2008-12-06 09:10:58 by lastingfun

i had to put ultimate diesease on hold, it is a mess and i am not experanced enuf with flash to pull off a big project like this. i hope everyone understands. one of these days i will continue with the game once i am more experanced

ultimte diesease sound track

2008-11-22 17:47:30 by lastingfun

the ultimate diesease sound track is here

Ultimate Diesease update

2008-11-21 22:36:41 by lastingfun

the game Ultimate Diesease is slowley comeing along, the prologue and tutoreal level are done. and i will soon be releaseing stuff like gameplay vids, info vids etc. once the music is final i will probably release a sound track too. the game is based of both Trauma Center for the nintendo DS and the flash game panademic by Darkrealmstudios

newgame: ultimate Diesease

2008-11-11 09:45:06 by lastingfun

ultimate desease is a new doctor sim game i will soon be working on, you must operate on people to try to find a cure for a dangerous deasase, more info comeing soon


2008-11-09 14:17:56 by lastingfun

the code escape part 2 has been released

THE CODE ESCAPE PART 2 is looking up

2008-11-06 17:48:01 by lastingfun

ok i have learnt from my mistakes, and i am working on part 2 of the code escape, and so far the title has more stuff in it then all of part 1, the graphics have improved too. more info comeing soon

the code is here

2008-11-05 15:43:19 by lastingfun

The code is here hope you guys injoy the first part, please rate, and comment on it