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all gone

2009-02-22 16:14:24 by lastingfun

my computer went all crazy and to put things short, pretty much everything INCLUDING flash stuff is GONE! so yeah, i dont know what to do, if i decide to return to flash i will backup my flash stuff next time but i aint going back yet

LF os

2009-02-20 08:05:22 by lastingfun

LF OS is a flash game that emulates a virtual computer, should be up by the weekend if things go good

EDIT: it wont be out this weekend because i feel i should add a few more features to make it abit more like a actual computer, including a media player


2009-02-15 09:48:56 by lastingfun

brain toast has made a cool banner, so i put it up on my profile, it shows the main people who makes up teh studios, lastingfun - some code, art and ideas
jk4eyes - music
and braintoast - head of brain toast

very busy

2009-02-08 12:33:30 by lastingfun

i am currently VERY Busy with flash, i got more free time now that exams are over but i am working on a new project that if it comes out well i will release and i can feel that my flash skills are getting alot better, i am putting lots of effort into this project and useing all my flash skills.
EDIT: also it seems like lately i have been getting lots of support from other flash designers YAY!
EDIT2: i just got a trial of flash CS4 so i am trying that out

lastingfun youtube

2009-02-06 16:21:38 by lastingfun

the lastingfun you tube channel is up, i will add videos like game trailers and stuff like that soon


2009-02-02 15:14:03 by lastingfun

thanks X lab's and Brain toast for the new icon and pic

windows LF

2009-01-29 17:13:44 by lastingfun

windows LF released! find out what it would be like to have a computer that hates you today!

more flashs comeing

2009-01-27 19:47:39 by lastingfun

i saw a flash game that was makeing fun of the windows O.S so i am going to make one just for laughs and put it up here, it is basely what it would be like to have the worst computer EVER! this is going to be useing the least of my ability in flash so i should have it up by the weekend. and yes i am thinking of starting a partner ship with X labs and brain toast which i will probably accept the offer XD


2009-01-26 17:18:53 by lastingfun

just to clear things up, i dont have enuf free time to do flash stuff at the moment, but the dreaded Exams are allmost over, and i just got a bunch of new friends because of my talent in basketball so i am in a much better mood now so i will consider going back to flash, but if i do i will olny do flash stuff in my FREE time. so basley my life looked bad for abit but things are getting better

why all is on hold

2009-01-24 21:46:27 by lastingfun

the true reason all projects are on hold is because of everything going on... school, flash, friends, family, and whatever else so that is why i am staying away from all flash stuff