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gone for abit

2009-05-21 10:32:23 by lastingfun

i will be gone for abit, cause of life, school etc. this summer i will be doing abit of traveing too and i got exams and i need the extra marks, cya guys later =D

out of town

2009-05-15 13:57:33 by lastingfun

i will be out of town for a few days, bye

random pic

2009-05-11 17:36:59 by lastingfun

a pic i drew of gir from the show invader zim

random pic

may be getting flahs back

2009-05-09 15:38:56 by lastingfun

a friend of mine ( his NG account is U-Gamer ) might be getting flash CS3 back for me, hopefully i wont be running into any problems this time


2009-05-04 06:25:45 by lastingfun

had more problems, got rid of CS4 (i blame it on the fact it's a trial, and i cant get a full verson yet)

first game, first agean

2009-05-03 19:47:56 by lastingfun

chances are my first flash game i release as a lastingfunHD production with flash CS4, will be a remake of my first flash game, i will give it:

- better graphics

- music

- make it scaryer (i will try)

-more features

- and MABIE a secret mode after you finshed the game

i think CS4 is working...

2009-05-01 16:37:45 by lastingfun


flash CS4 not working

2009-04-29 19:03:48 by lastingfun

it aint working, i can TRY moveing back to CS3 but i dont know....i'll try agean later

hey flash cs4?

2009-04-28 18:51:55 by lastingfun

i'm thinking of getting flash CS4 when i return,and when i return expect a few small things but nothing major as i will have to fool around with stuff sence it's been awhile, i'm probably going to make a new logo for lastingfunHD too when i get some free time
EDIT: new logo i made


2009-04-16 10:29:41 by lastingfun

most liekley sometime in summer or early fall lastingfun productions will become lastingfunHD (lastingfun High Definiton) this will be to celebrate a possable return to flash, and so i can have a fresh start. i will also probley be upgradeing to flash CS4