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2010-05-15 22:20:44 by lastingfun

jeez, CS5 is better as you would expect then other versons of flash once you get used to it. so before i get it (non trial) i am thinking about getting a new hardrive of laptop, due to the fact that this computers old and the hardrive isent really that good in terms of size, and if your a flash designer once you got the program and everything you need to work with, it can take up alot of space


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2010-07-03 22:34:04

weird problem on my computer. When I downloaded CS4, I actually gained 3 GB of space (in other, I had 52 GB, and afterwards, I had 55 GB).

lastingfun responds:

wow strange :O


2010-07-14 22:34:28

hey. dude u online?